Регламент работы акимата района

Regulations of the Akimat of the district

Apparatus of Akim of "Saryarka" district of Nur-Sultan city (hereinafter - the apparatus) is a public institution financed from the local budget, on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit.

The main purpose of the unit is to carry out nation-wide policy of executive power in conjunction with the interests and development needs of the "Saryarka" district of Nur-Sultan city.

The priority areas of the apparatus are: consideration of appeals, statements, complaints of citizens, to take actions to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, to facilitate the collection of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget, in accordance with the laws of development and the introduction to a higher akimat for approval by the relevant maslikhat’s budget programs, administrator of which is the apparatus.

Promote execution by citizens and legal entities norms of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws, acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and normative legal acts of central and local government bodies, business development, within its competence.

Organization and enforcement of legislation on universal military duty and military service, civil defense and mobilization preparation and mobilization.

The organization works to preserve historical and cultural heritage, identifying low-income persons. It adds proposals on employment, on the provision of targeted social assistance, on organization of servicing single elderly and disabled citizens at home to the higher authorities.

Promoting the development of local social infrastructure, cooperation with local authorities, taking part in the sessions of maslikhat of the city, in approving (refinement) of the local budget. Support and assist in the logistics of pre-school organizations, cultural institutions, the organization of work on landscaping, lighting, landscaping and sanitary cleaning of settlements, burial rootless organization and public works on the content in a proper state of cemeteries and other burial sites.

Structural divisions of akimat of Saryarka district